Hairstyles and Hair Design

Short Hair Chic: Embracing the Pixie Cut

Chase away the hair length blues! Embrace the liberating power of the pixie cut and become the buzz of the weekend. Dare to go short and be the epitome of chic as you turn heads and redefine the beauty standards.

Fashion and Hair: Matching Styles to Outfits

From the perfect bun to the classic bob, hairstyles play an integral role in stylish outfits. Find your signature look, and make sure your hair and fashion look amazing together!

Curly Hair Care: Tips for Managing and Embracing Curls

People with curly hair are often overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of maintenance required. With the right care, your curls can be managed and embraced to create beautiful, bouncy locks! Keep reading to find the best tips for managing and loving your curls.

Beach Hair Vibes: Achieving Effortless Waves

Let go of your flat-iron and take a dive with beach hair vibes. Create effortless waves with little effort; just salt, sun and sea. Let mother nature's abundance take the lead and get ready to rock your beach-inspired hairdo.

Hair Trends in Pop Culture: Celebrity Inspirations

From classic pixie cuts to bold, bleached crops, celebrities have been pushing boundaries with their hairstyles for decades. From the 80s mullet to the modern day "man bun,", the way we style our hair is often influenced by celebrity culture. Let's take a closer look at some of the defining hair trends in pop culture and how they've evolved over the years.

Braided Beauty: Creative Braids and How to Achieve Them

Tired of uncertainty when it comes to braiding hairstyles? Let us show you how to make creative designs with your hair and boost your mane's beauty! Achieve braids like you've never seen before and explore your fashion sense.

Hair Extensions 101: Adding Length and Volume

Increasingly popular, hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your look. Transform your style with easy-to-use extensions and explore your options to make sure you get the best look for you.

Hairstyle Evolution: Iconic Looks Through the Decades

From the flapper bobs of the '20s to the bold pixie cuts of the '60s, the evolution of hairstyles throughout the decades has seen iconic looks come and go. But each one has left its mark on the beauty world.

Trendy Haircuts for Every Hair Type: A Style Guide

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach to haircuts! From fine to curly, this style guide is loaded with trendy ideas that work for every hair type. Get ready to unlock your 'dos full potential with the perfect cut!

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